Chapter 6: Heir Vote!

A rare day out on the wharf: The fresh air and sunshine does the boys good. And Daniel perhaps remembers a bit of what persuaded him to leave his home and travel thousands of miles to marry an impulsive, quarrelsome, sometimes frighteningly ambitious woman. Friday night, the Spice Festival entices us out again. I’m really […]

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Moneypenny, Week 4, Part 3

Dear Mum, Your patience is rewarded! Only sixty-eight texts. You’re improving! Bravo! There she is! Your very own grand baby. Tiffany. She’s not quite Tiffany blue, but she’s Rhonda blue, and that’s far more valuable to me. We’re all smitten with her, especially her mum. The most interesting sim in the world. As if there […]

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Moneypenny, Week 4, Part 2

Hello Again Mum, A quick peek at the day to day of Moneypenny 2.0: A shot of the house from the back. I think it looks nicer from there. Poor Jillian was abducted the very first night. I suppose headquarters was wondering what all the fuss was about her and wanted to see for themselves. […]

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Chapter 5: Perspective

Gizmo doesn’t make us wait for long before showing up for a visit. He is deeply miffed that his food bowl is empty. He knew he was returning, and we should have known, too. Since I’m out fishing, it’s Daniel who extends the invitation that Gizmo gladly accepts. This is where he belongs and we […]

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Moneypenny, Week 4, Part 1

Ladies, I’m afraid I’ll have to be even more brief than usual, and you both know the reason why. Here I am attempting to make up for my shortcomings by mentoring my darling boy in fitness. You can see I’ve recovered my hair. Many thanks to the both of you and your offspring for not […]

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Chapter 4: Council Counsel

Dig piles go faster with two, and contain more prizes. And royal baths are considerably more exciting. But then, eventually, inevitably, the day comes that I must face reality. I will age. But not today. I am allowed to turn back the clock once, and so I do, but mentally I turn a page. My […]

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Goodnight, Week 4, Part 1

  Darlings, I’ve just a few hasty words to scratch off to you before it’s farewell forever! Not really, of course. I fully intend to take you up on your offer, Loelia, of a corner table at the G&K and a good gossip on the regular with both of you. You have your tea, dear, […]

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Goodnight, Week 4, Part 3

Dear Mum, Right, so birth was pretty exciting. I forgot I locked all the doors to our bedroom, so poor Johnny had to panic outside. I let him in eventually. I’m doing this new thing with the well where I don’t try to convince it to be in a better mood with money. I make […]

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Chapter 3: Knight Errant

  Don’t make plans, he tells me?  Don’t make PLANS? I have to make plans. I have literally ten generations of plans to make, and Daniel was the one plan I really felt good about. But he’s gone, and Gizmo is cheerfully, faithfully unhelpful when I ask him what to do. So I go home […]

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Goodnight, Week 4, Part 2

Hullo again Mum, Back to the riveting news of the week: Nothing to see here, just a couple of amorous bats. So . . . .I’m kicking Uncle Caleb out of the club. Mr. Good Vampire not only distracted my painter from his duties, he drained him dry and then, THEN restored his life spirit, […]

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