Welcome to Spiffentales! This site is a collection of stories written for Carl & Pam’s Sim 4 Forums, mostly based upon the forum’s dynasty challenges.

Here is a rundown of the stories you’ll find here:

The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty

23 Nailed it

This is my magnum opus, a challenge spanning eight generations. The story is complete, and can be read on the forum, but the images are hosted by Photobucket, so they are probably not visible at this time. I’m slowing moving all of the images to this site and changing the links on the forum thread, but it’s a long, tedious process. We’ll get there, but it may take a bit.

Three Times a Lady: A Rival Dynasties Challenge


This story is in progress, and should be updated three times a week.

Buried in Berries:  A Not So Berry Challenge Story

2 Redecorating

We’re going to call this one “on hiatus.” I’m hoping to update again someday, but working on more than one story at a time is hard, so Creme D. Menthe and her progeny have been back-burnered for the time being.

The Butterfly Effect:  A Sharebears Legacy


This is a collaborative legacy. Three of us (or perhaps more . . . ?) have started legacies using the same sim as founder. We are all posting stories on the forum and plan to periodically use the same spouses and see how it all turns out. We’re playing according to Pinstar’s legacy challenge rules, with the twist that we’re playing on short lifespan. I’m hoping to update this at least once per week.