Moneypenny, Week 5, Part 2

Dear Mum,


We went back and forth for ages about Tiffany’s aspiration. Really, it should be Whiz Kid, but there’s just no way we can wait for the A grade in school to come in, and the Social Skills boost she’ll get from Social Butterfly will definitely help her out later in life. Plus, we heard the vampires got it done in 13 hours and wanted to see if Tiffany could break the record. So, the League of Adventurers was called into action again!


First friend.


Best Friend.


More friends!


You’ll have heard what happened to Yuki Behr, of course. I guess dying in park turned her into a sort of permanent vagrant. Tough break!


Lovely to see you, Mum! Tiffany was really pleased as well. She’s a great admirer of yours.


Addison secret-handshaked his way into the last adult friend slot and . . .


Aspiration completed before the sun had fully risen! 13 hours almost exactly on the nose! We’ll get you next time, vampires!


Time for teenhood!


A real stunner, wouldn’t you agree? She aged up in a bit of a silly mood, but I think the pink aura suits my girl just fine.


Jillian set her straight right away, getting down to business on homework.


And then it was time to begin The Curator.


She’s got her father’s swagger, that’s for sure.


And perhaps a bit of Grandma’s attitude . . . ?


Don’t laugh. Who know’s what’s in that abandoned mineshaft? The spacesuit was necessary. I’m no canary!


She got a good selection of frogs down there, and a few metals and crystals, too. You should see the frog-breeding operation she’s got going on at home. It’s wild!


And then home to hunt for penpals and postcards, with a good video-gaming session afterward. The girl’s a wonder. Not a minute wasted!


Symbolic, no? The competition is sprinting, trying to catch up! Truthfully, Aki Ponsonby seems like a sweet girl, and I think she just wanted to make friends with Tiffany, but there was absolutely no time for anything like that. Tiffany is laser-focused!


Except when she’s getting inspired, of course.


She’s entered the fast food career, and hates what it’s doing to her hair with a passion. She’s hoping to max it as soon as possible and quit.


There’s a nice cache of frog logs behind the museum in Willow Creek, so we ventured out after Tiffany’s work shift, and Addison was finally able to view three paintings in a museum. He’d been stalled at that part of his aspiration for quite some time. We’re such homebodies, though. You know how it is.


She’s got all the colors, which Tiffany insists is important for some reason, but she’s missing a surfer or a whirler, or something like that, and that’s not good. I guess. I don’t really understand this stuff. Anyway, she’ll still probably complete the frogs collection first, but is working on postcards as backup. Completing a collection is the only thing she’s got left to do for her aspiration to be complete.


And, once again, almost at switchover time, I get abducted. It’s almost becoming a tradition.


And I’ll leave you to your traditional weekly wondering whether I’ve been impregnated or not. There’s always a chance!

I hope you’re very proud of our little family, Mum. I know I am. I’ll speak to you next week.



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