Moneypenny, Week 5, Part 1

Dear Mum,


Look! A monstrosity! I swear the week only gets better from here.


Tiffany hit toddlerhood only a few hours into Sunday. She’s full of energy and enthusiasm. I think she got really anxious waiting a whole two weeks for her turn to shine, so she’s exploding into toddlerdom as fast as she can.


She’s not that into books. Too much sitting still for our girl, but at least it’s something to keep her mind occupied while she eats.


Check this out! Sparks finally flew! They’re taking it slow, but Jillian and Addison are definitely maybe kind of a thing now.


He was so pleased with himself he up and painted a masterpiece. Jillian’s hung it right over her bed. Well, their bed. That whole sleeping situation is much less awkward now.


Tell Dad I’m sorry I haven’t got round to Insta-Upgrading the rock climbing wall yet. That definitely looked like it hurt. It’s tough to get near the thing, though. Someone’s always on it!


Jillian had a birthday! She got your card and says thank you so much for thinking of her.


She refuses to slow down, even for a minute. She gets exhausted frequently, but traits are more powerful than common sense I guess, and keeping an active sim away from the weights is just a non-starter. I’ve given her a key to our ensuite bathroom with the nice tub and instructed her to make good use of it!


Rhonda, limbering up. She wants to be at least level 2 Wellness so she can Discuss Cognitive Focusing Methods with Tiffany once she starts school. Plus, she’s not got much else to do while toddler Tiffany naps.


She lost it a little bit after Tiffany asked, “Why?” for about the thousandth time. I really can’t blame her. It’s only cute about 500 times. Fortunately, Tiffany maxed thinking soon thereafter.


And Rhonda found a new way to settle her nerves. We looked ahead and one of the future generations is going to max piano, so it will be nice to have a mentor ready to go when the time comes.


I came to realize the benefits maximum charisma could offer me, so I spend some time with myself in the bathroom mirror. A perfectly sane activity. Nothing strange going on here at all.


Or here! Addison wanted to reassure Jillian that he finds her no less attractive as an elder.


She was convinced! And found a new way to overexert herself! Oh, well. At least she’s already in the bed to take a restorative nap. Sorry if that’s all TMI. Just wanted to assure you that Jillian’s doing well and is happy, and you made the right decision in urging her to move in with me.


And she’s still the same old Jillian.


This has started again. Someone really needs to take away that fellow’s sun resistance.


This is me hitting max fitness. While this photo means I can’t claim to have done it without breaking a sweat, you can see that it’s really only a little bit of sweat. Just a drop or two.


Rhonda’s turn! Now every adult in the family has been initiated in the Cult of The Abducted. I suppose Tiffany’s only been spared because of her age.


Or perhaps because of her incredible cuteness.


Separate pictures, but I don’t want you to mistake that for separate sessions of unsolicited violining. He was just there for days. Literal days. Sawing away.


Thursday, 6:14 p.m. Her toy is somehow invisible, but that didn’t stop it from maxing out her imagination skill.


Jillian, in perhaps her first her first mis-step ever, baked a cake, and then immediately took a slice. I suppose there really is no such thing as a perfect helper, but Jillian’s as close as it gets, so we’ll permit her this slip-up, just this once.


Especially since she baked another cake right away.


Our Tiffany aged up exhausted, but we quickly added her to the club and took care of that.


She’s absolutely darling, even in disguise.

That’s all I’ve got time for today, Mother dear, but get prepared to savor every last, brief second of her childhood in the next letter.

All my Love,


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