Goodnight, Week 5, Part 3

Okay! Back to the uncomfortable smooching! Don’t worry, we only had a few hours left in the week, so you’ll get a bit of a breather after this.

Not my Tracy, though! Girl never comes up for air!


Avert your eyes, Dad!


Sadly, Wolfgang witnessed Tracy getting her fun levels up with Sofia through the french doors, and was pretty put out by it. Whoops! Knew I should have put up curtains! We’ll save the gold medal dates for him. That should soften him up again.


Tracy’s going into the retail career, so she got a nice sports massage before her first day and then ate the massage therapist. Should make short work of that requirement.


I swear the well was happy. She gave it 5 grand. We did everything right.


I’m so over this.


We bought an extra credit project to try and mitigate the damage. I get the feeling we’ll be doing a lot of these. That’s Johnny having a daymare in the background.


We only had a few hours left at that point, but I thought we should at least get a start on her skills. So I had to grit my teeth and call in reinforcements.


Fortunately, her back is turned so she can’t see that smug look on his face. I opened the door and he literally said, “You need me.” He’d better be a good mentor or I’m 100% locking him in a pen with the cowplant.

And that’s it! My baby is now a heartbreaker. The well is as evil as ever. I’m going to take a nap.

Love to Mummy Lilith,



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