Goodnight, Week 5, Part 2


Okay, where were we?


Brent can’t seem to paint anything other than masterpieces these days. It’s actually really annoying. Our bills are going to be insane.


I know you have a TV at your house, Mum. Go watch the kids’ network in your own living room!


Or better yet, actually help out with the baby! I do appreciate the little dance party you and Johnny threw her. She’s absolutely nailing those awkward arm movements you taught her.


And the potty-training. I am so glad I didn’t have to deal with much of that filthy nonsense.


Johnny takes several for the team, trying to make the well happy.


Awww! Look at him! All growed up! Brant takes good care of our new pet. In his bunny slippers, no less!


At last! A suit I don’t hate! And a promotion, too! I’d honestly stay at this level just for the chic wardrobe if there weren’t a challenge going on.


We may have gotten a little frantic towards the end of Tracy’s toddler training. She just sleeps so much! I really felt like we should have been done sooner!


There we go! 4:02 a.m. Friday.


Bye, bye, baby!


Hello little charmer. We decided to go with Social Butterfly even after the troubles I had with it as a kid. I think that’s all fixed, and the kid’s going to need a heck of a lot of charisma, so any boosts we can give her in that area are worth the annoyance. Plus, I’ve got nothing else to do but go to work, so it’s fine if she’s a little high maintenance as a kid.


There’s our little Eve, going a touch heavy on the symbolism as she tempts her first Adam.


I’m sorry about Yuki, Mom, even if I was mostly annoyed by the distraction at the time. She was really cute, and probably would have made a good spouse for our grandkids somewhere down the line. I don’t know what she thought she was doing playing chess in a park in broad daylight, though. I mean, what did she expect?


But yeah, everyone was sad after that so we came home, and dragged Max with us so he could become Tracy’s friend.


Then Daddy got to be her BEST friend. I’m in the background approving. That’s my approving face.


Then you and Brant got to be her friends, too.


Another Renegade that wasn’t. Et tu, Max? I swear kids were not this autonomously responsible when I was growing up.


Right, then more kid friending happened. In the background, you can see I’ve convinced Nina Caliente to dress like a raccoon. I love my job.


Tada! Banged it out in 13 hours flat! Not even a full day as a kid. To the cake!


I’m going to miss those chubby cheeks. Had to have one more picture of those.


She ain’t cute, anymore! She’s a vixen.


A responsible vixen.


All the teens in the club were asleep, so she marched right out and seduced Malcolm Landgraab. Johnny got really quiet all of a sudden. Guess he’s not ready for his baby to grow up. Poor Daddy.


May as well montage this. You’re going to be seeing a lot of it.



Okay, more awkward pictures of your granddaughter making out with people soon.

Tata for now,


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