Goodnight, Week 5, Part 1



So, as you’ll perhaps recall, Johnny and I had a baby. She was born with raven black hair like her mother.


Which spontaneously changed to blonde when we put her in the wardrobe to change her clothes. Since the same (opposite) thing happened to me when I became a teen I guess we can call it a family trait or something. Anyway, she still looks exactly like me. Lucky child.


She spends pretty much every waking second with her Dad, though.


I’m busy beating people in vampire fights. Who am I beating this time? Oh, look! It’s you! Smarts, don’t it?


This guy was supposed to be next, but the sun was coming up and I decided he’s actually kind of handsome so I want him to survive in case we need another spouse at some point. Also, I’m now a Master Vampire. Yay.


My progeny found a new way to be stupid and irritating. She would not come down off that bed for love or money. At least she was happy. Ten thousand rounds of blicbloc later and she was still humming to herself. We eventually moved the bed.

GW5Biting Luna

I’m working my butt off trying to rank up as a vampire. I’ve got level 2 sun resistance, but it still stings like a mother (no offense) being outside, so I have to lure my lunch indoors before I can take a bite.


Writing’s coming right along. Do pick up a copy of Golly Zees next time you’re at a bookstore. It’s absolute drivel, but that wishing well doesn’t feed itself. Show some support!


Speaking of the Well, it’s still pretty friendly. I think my working from home sometimes confuses it, though. It said it gave me a performance boost here, but it didn’t show on my bar and it seemed like it took forever for my “guaranteed” promotion to come through.


Oh, well. There’s plenty of people around when I need to take out my frustrations.


Got the dang cowplant berry, finally.


And I spend a lot of time cramming charisma. I leveled it insanely fast, and I’m not sure if that’s because I did Social Butterfly as a kid or because I’m just naturally the sweetest, most charming person alive, but anyway I’m level 10, so I started uploading viral videos to the internet.


Boom. About 795,000 more followers than I need for the Public Relations branch, but it’s one less thing to have to think about, anyway. I’m fully overqualified for my job. Now I’ve just got to grind out those promotions.


And continue to kick butt in the neighborhood.


This lady beat me, and apparently only lost her cc skin tone in her regular form, not her dark form. Weird, right? I made fun of her.


Johnny has developed a strange sort of worshipful relationship with the laundry. My clothes smell awesome, so I’m not complaining.


Got promoted. Didn’t get a better suit. What. The. Heck.


So, the well thing is going okay, but I’m mostly getting bonuses and “better luck next time”s. I guess I should be grateful nothing bad’s happened, but I’m about ready to just say to heck with it and start wishing every eight hours no matter what. I need to speed this process up, and if it’s two steps forward, one step back it’s still progress.


Yeaaaah, troops! Rallying them doesn’t do too much for us vamps, but it’s still kind of fun.


Johnny and I got married in the basement. Rosie was our only guest. She badly needed a bath and smelled like a pile of fish. It was perfect.


I fought this guy over and over. And over and over and over. I was SO CLOSE to Grand Master Vampire, though, that I just couldn’t stop. I won some. I lost some. I got bored out of my mind.


Then I remembered you were in my dining room playing with Tracy’s toy triceratops.


Thank you for the training. You put me over the top. I had to reconfigure myself, but then I bought Mist Form and Immortal Pleasures.


The reconfiguring was annoying, not only because I’m a terrible mixologist, but because I keep forgetting what powers I have.


I used to sleep really well and now I get super annoying daymares all the time. Ugh.

Anyway, more stuff happened. I’ll get to that later.

Give Mummy Lilith a kiss,


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