Mini-Chapter:  Poll Results


Gizmo brings us all back to reality from Romance Festival reverie with a sharp bark, reminding us that the time has come for the first of Romina’s parties.


I try to muster enthusiasm to match hers once we reach home. The time has come. Now we light the candles and blow them out, and time marches on.

The Results Are In!

Gen 2 Poll Results

Andres Sharebears will be carrying on the Legacy.


That’s all there is to tell at this point, as Andres’ story has yet to be told. It is sure to be a dark and interesting one, with many twists and turns. He will have his true love by his side, and also his faithful brother, whose own story will no doubt amount to more than a footnote in the pages ahead. I will let Andres tell his tale in his own voice from this point on, and let my own voice begin to fade to a whisper. A quiet whisper like the hush of a butterfly’s wings, which, though soft, can still exercise its influence in deep and untold ways.

Watcher’s Note:  So many thanks to everyone who voted! It was such a nail-biter! Andres surged ahead several times, and then Myron would quietly catch up. This last surge held, though, and Andres was the decisive victor. I am really excited to continue with this legacy!

I leave you with a shot of the roof because I can’t find any other sensible place to put it in, and it really did take me forever.


Onward Sharebears!

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