Ponsonby, Week 5, Part 2

Dear Mum,


We were afraid Joaquin was getting lonely, so we got him a hedgehog. He’s mad about the prickly little thing (even though it bites!) and spends a lot of time watching it and talking to it.


He even tells it stories, and swears it understands him. I find the little critter a bit unnerving, to tell the truth. It makes the oddest noises in the middle of the night.


Aki made Sergio demonstrate roughhousing solo first before she’d consent to participate. Perhaps we shouldn’t have maxed thinking first. She might just be a touch too discriminating.


He did win her over in the end, though, and our darling was ready for her birthday on Friday at about 4:45 in the afternoon.


She gave Drago one last cuddle.


And Daddy did the honors as I, as usual, was at work.


And then it was really Joaquin’s time to shine! He’s an excellent mentor and really puts his heart into it.


You can tell Domi I’ve noticed she’s being more helpful at club gatherings these days, and I’m grateful. You might also mention to Dad that everyone’s noticed how much time he spends talking to the plants, and it’s causing some concern.


At this point in the week I remembered about the Great Kisser reward trait. I feel like a real ditz for not thinking of it sooner and yakking away to myself in the mirror when I could have been smooching my handsome hubby to raise the skill!


We rectified all that pretty quickly. I was actually a bit sad to reach level 10. I think there might be one or two rooms in the house we haven’t snogged in yet! I’d do it all over again! Twice!


Here’s our sweet Aki after a hardly necessary makeover. She looked very cute in that dress for 18 hours or so. Nanny Banerjee took over the mentoring for this part. He’s such a saint.


Calling for a bonus . . . and receiving a bonus. All that kissing paid off! Who’d have thought! Going for the handsome husband paid off in the end!


Saturday, 12:22 p.m., Aki became an artistic prodigy.


And then a teen


You might have noticed Sergio a little absent during Aki’s childhood. He banged out mascots the whole time and never really had to see our baby as a child, but the moment she hit teen Daddy and Mummy were fighting each other to be the first to help with homework.


Level 9! I even surprised myself! I don’t want to count my chickens, Mum, but I really think we’re making a solid go of this! The career’s the worst bit, after all, and I should have that knocked out in two more shifts easy! Maybe less if I can get another bonus negotiated. No wishing wells required!


Joaquin produced a masterpiece of our lovely daughter in no time at all.


He seemed rather enraptured with his subject. Surprising as he’s usually more a soup-cans-and-dogs-wearing-hats kind of guy. I’ve no idea whom our baby plans to marry, but I do know one fellow whose arm wouldn’t have to be twisted all that hard. She’s nose-deep in her novel writing for the time being, however, and won’t have a chance to think about it until Bestselling Author is much further underway.

So that’s the week! We’re going to nab that fifth star at the Roadstead first thing Sunday, and raise its value by creating the most luxurious writing room imaginable for our little prodigy. You’ll be so proud when you see her, Mum, she’s an angel. We’ll win this thing yet!

Lots of Love,


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