Ponsonby, Week 5, Part 1


Mum, I don’t even know what to say about this week. If I could stop a minute to think, I believe we’d be doing . . . okay . . . ? . . . ish . . . but I really just can’t stop.


Anyway, here’s Sergio not hating children. Not even a little. He adores Aki, which is a good thing, since he was the number one parent this week while I was at work.


We took advantage of Aki being bassinet-bound for the first few days and ran the restaurant for all it was worth. Thank you for the five-star ratings, by the way. I’m not ashamed. I’ll take ‘em! They count just as much as reviews from people who aren’t my mother, so you and the fam are welcome any time! In fact, if you had a mad desire to become a food critic all of a sudden I wouldn’t try to talk you out of it.

You can see we finally got up the nerve to change the employee uniforms and the sky didn’t fall. We’re freshening up The Roadstead bit by bit but I confess there’s a tightness in my chest every time we open, and I’ve worn fingernail grooves in some of the dining chairs by gripping them anxiously as I wait to see if all the staff will show up. Fortunately, that adds to their rustic charm, which I think is the vibe we’re going for.


Serge and I got married. It was a quiet backyard ceremony and I think I’m probably the luckiest girl to ever live.


With nothing else particular to do, I started leveling charisma. It’s slow, but I’d love to avoid the wishing well if I can, so we’ll see how long it takes me to get bored of the sight of my own face in the mirror.


Four stars. Can you believe it? I almost want to ask people what they’re thinking. I’m not being modest when I say it’s an absolute pit, and we’ve still got the same randomly selected tables and chairs we had when it was just a patch of grass. We even make a profit most days, though, so we must be doing something right.


I work hard at the restaurant, but usually sneak out in the middle of service to get ready for work. My poses are still a little shaky but . . .


Again, must be doing something right. Don’t know what it is. Just going to keep at it. Maybe after a quick nap.


Joaquin’s started producing masterpieces. We just keep a radio playing next to the easel and he’s unstoppable!


The final star we need for the restaurant will have to wait until next week because . . . tada! Our baby’s a toddler!


A prim little thing she is, too. She agreed to early potty-training (Mother Geeta style) but insisted that I give her some privacy by turning my back. Cheeky little girl!


She’s as transfixed by Sergio as I am and spends hours just watching him make camping mascots. I’m so relieved we started my handsome hubby on crafting them early. I remember our old backyard money factory so clearly! I still have stress dreams about it! That won’t be necessary this time. Between the mascots and Joaquin’s paintings, by week’s end we had over $100,000 in the bank, so once we’re brave enough to renovate the restaurant it’ll just be a matter of finding the most expensive intentionally distressed, fashionably rustic furnishings we can lay our hands on and plopping them down.


We hired a caterer to prepare some meals for Aki since none of us can cook to save our lives, and it ended up being the waiter from our first restaurant, Wolves and Barley. I’d missed him and was really sad we couldn’t re-hire him at the new place, but from the performance he put on in our kitchen it looks as though we may have dodged a bullet.


Poor Joaquin is doing great at work but comes home stressed out of his mind.


And then after five minutes of some highly uncomfortable-looking dance moves in our living room he’s right as rain again. He’s a funny guy.


A funny guy with max painting skill!


I discovered I can read to my little sis and my baby daughter at the same time (she’s just outside the frame toddling to bed in this shot). Sergio discovered he can be in a room with both of them and not lose his will to live. It’s been a struggle for him, so he’s awfully proud.


He’s really sweet with Aki, and very attentive, and his Winnie the Pooh voice is second to none!


Aki even lets him face her when she’s going potty.


But he respectfully turns his head when she’s doing her victory dance afterward.


About a thousand “Why’s” later, Aki maxed thinking.


Let’s hope she can teach a thing or two about it to the rest of us, who discovered an exception to the “incense on the floor doesn’t start fires” rule.


Hope your hair’s all right, Mum, by the way. And your arm. And your . . . well, I hope you’re okay.


She’s such a dear playing with her dollhouse, but for some reason she can only do it alone so we had to cut Playtime with the Squirrel Family short and steer her back toward Intensive Skill-Building Playtime with Daddy to get Imagination maxed.


This is a sweet shot of Sergio carrying Aki to bed, but the real point of the picture is to show that our dragonfruit are fruiting. Hallelujah! The Ponsonbys are rolling in simoleons!

Can’t wait to share the rest of the week with you. It’s a doozy!

Lots of Love,


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