Moneypenny, Week 4, Part 3

Dear Mum,

Your patience is rewarded! Only sixty-eight texts. You’re improving! Bravo!


There she is! Your very own grand baby. Tiffany. She’s not quite Tiffany blue, but she’s Rhonda blue, and that’s far more valuable to me.


We’re all smitten with her, especially her mum.


The most interesting sim in the world. As if there was every any doubt! Got this designation upon purchasing my third reward trait. Only one left to go!


Jillian jumped back into nanny duties with only a little reticence.


I think she and Tiffany are destined to be best friends.


The romance festival swung into town, and we hit the jackpot with a nice UFO plant to add to the garden.


I think your pal Geoffrey Landgraab was very disappointed that you didn’t show.


The week was coming to an end, so there wasn’t much point in a vow renewal, but we did it just the same. Why not? I love her and I never want to let her forget it.


Back home just in time for the fourth abduction of the week.


Stuck the landing that time.


I had to switch over before I really had time to assess whether the pollination technicians had had their way with me, but who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky and you’ll get to be twice a grandma by next week.

In all seriousness, Mum, I love you very much. I’m grateful for all you and Dad did for me in giving me my start, and please remember that no matter what, you’ll always be my number three girl (First Tiffany, then Rhonda, then you. That’s as it should be). 😉



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