Moneypenny, Week 4, Part 2

Hello Again Mum,

A quick peek at the day to day of Moneypenny 2.0:


A shot of the house from the back. I think it looks nicer from there.


Poor Jillian was abducted the very first night. I suppose headquarters was wondering what all the fuss was about her and wanted to see for themselves.


She was not happy when she returned. I’d had some idle thoughts about trying to fix her up with Addison, but at this point I’m not sure she wants anything to do with any of us. I hope the baby cheers her up!


Rhonda stepped in as trainer for me while Jillian was indisposed. I’m following in your footsteps (at least at first) as an astronaut, so I’ve got a good deal of skilling up to do in fitness. Yes, yes. Treadmill only. I can hear your voice in my head!


See there? I knew you guys would love it.


Wellness is a right pain, but I’m working on it. I’ve got about as many points as I can safely get from Bodybuilder without risking completing it, so I’ve switched over to Renaissance Sim and I need one more skill at level 5 to advance.


Addison and Jillian did have a few nice chats, but I don’t know if there’s anything there in the way of romance. I think it might be the hat, but I’m not going to be the one to tell him.


I know what you’re thinking, but if it weren’t safe to do while pregnant then it simply wouldn’t be allowed. Rhonda’s a wise woman and she’s going to be a fantastic mother, and you’re never ever going to beat her high score on the rock-climbing wall. These are things you’re going to have to learn to accept.


She spent at least as much time reading parenting books as she did climbing the rock wall, so I think she’ll be very well prepared when the baby makes its appearance.


Addison’s doing great as a painter, even though the backyard is a mess of emotional auras. We’re going to have to start making clearer designations between the energized, inspired, and focused areas.


Got myself a promotion . . .


And immediately thereafter, an abduction. Headquarters is keeping quite close tabs on us this week.


Addison’s delighted it wasn’t him . . . this time. On second thought, it may be his athletic outfit that’s holding him back in the dating department. I’m not touching that one, either.


Not the smoothest re-entry, but the landing wasn’t too bad. And no, no belly sparkles. You’re only going to be a grandma once this week . . . so far.


I made things official between Rhonda and I.


And we wasted no time in exchanging our vows. I know you would have liked to be there, Mum, and I’m sorry we didn’t invite you, but it was just a quick backyard affair, and I don’t think you can blame Rhonda too much for wanting it to be private.


We completed Soulmate not long afterward.


Addison’s turn came the next night. Three for three on abductions this week. Do you suppose something’s going on up there?


Addison was a little shaken up by the whole thing, and it showed in his paintings.


Thanks for turning the club leadership over to me, though if I’d known it was going to upset you so much I think I wouldn’t have asked. Tell you what, I promise I’ll never kick you and Dad out, no matter what, all right? You’re senior executive club members, and you get first crack at the rock-climbing wall each meeting.


And I promise to give you as many mother-son cheering up sessions as you require. Deal?


Addison got promoted, but my real concern is who’s this guy and why is he always walking past, giving our house the stink eye? Do you know him, Mum? What’s his deal?


There we are! All better. I knew it. I’m a genius.


The rocket’s coming along well, even though I pretty quickly outpaced everyone else in the rocket science skill, so I’m the only one who can upgrade at this point.


Don’t tell Rhonda I included this one, but I just had to. The look on her face! That’s the, “Oh dear, I’ve just gone into labor and now I have to get down from here,” look. It’s priceless.

Put down your phone! I promise I’ll call you the second there’s news! Texting me won’t make the baby come any faster, either! Just breathe, mum. You’ll be holding your grandchild before you know it.



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