Goodnight, Week 4, Part 3

Dear Mum,

Right, so birth was pretty exciting.GW4P80

I forgot I locked all the doors to our bedroom, so poor Johnny had to panic outside. I let him in eventually.


I’m doing this new thing with the well where I don’t try to convince it to be in a better mood with money. I make someone else do it. Brent’s a good guinea pig. I don’t go near the thing unless it’s already happy. It’s working okay so far.


He really is cute. I know you think he’s kind of an idiot, and you’re not wrong, but I really love him a lot. I hope he doesn’t die before he gets sun resistance.


Another good reason to keep the Heckings around.


See? I let him in. He’s a really sweet Dad.


We bought laundry stuff. It’s probably a death wish, since Johnny and I are both goofballs and warm laundry makes you playful, but there’s a billion upgrades for Johnny to do while he’s leveling handiness and I’m hoping if we put flowers and stuff in there it’ll be okay. Fingers crossed!


‘Sup level 5? This suit is so hideous I kind of actually want to die, but I guess it’s good incentive to get promoted again.


Johnny proposed. In front of Brant, hoping to encourage him to get re-married to Brent so they can get all the happy moodlets, too. We’ll see if it works.


Oh, and I said yes. I don’t think we’re going to do a wedding or anything. You can send gifts, though, if you want.


He likes to watch the clothes spin. Bless his heart.


Wolfie turned in the bright sunshine right outside our house, so I invited him in to hang out and stay alive.


He sat right down and started doing his homework. Some renegade. Nerd alert! Oh, well. He’s probably going to marry Tracy, so I suppose it’s a good thing if he’s not stupid.


Good thing we got those laundry machines, eh? +2 Fine! High five! I’m as meh as I can be!


Johnny at the Falls. Level 7 handiness already, and about to start earning his keep for reals. He was only gone a couple of hours, but I missed him.


I was waiting on the porch with the voodoo doll when he came back. I know we have a weird relationship, but it works for us.


Thanks for the sparring match. You probably don’t need to choke me quite so hard next time. I get that you’re stronger than me. Good on ya, Mum.


Well’s still working.


Brant can graft.


I told Sofia her Dad’s planning to drive her to school in his dark form on Monday. Lol.


Yeah, life could be worse.


I’m pretty sure I’m Rosie’s favorite. Don’t tell anyone.


Maaike’s dark form is helping her get in touch with her feminine side. Wolfgang was not expecting that.


I mentored him in vampire skills and then taught him about responsibility. He was enthralled.


Vampire fight club. Sorry, I can’t talk about it.


I was all set to switch over at like 2 a.m. when we got the notice about Tracy’s birthday. She’s a total doll, and she looks exactly like me. She’s keeping the punk-rock haircut.

Love ya,


P.S. Tell Mummy Lilith she’s still my favorite.

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