Goodnight, Week 4, Part 1



I’ve just a few hasty words to scratch off to you before it’s farewell forever! Not really, of course. I fully intend to take you up on your offer, Loelia, of a corner table at the G&K and a good gossip on the regular with both of you. You have your tea, dear, and I’ll down several dozen Plasma Janes.


Dearest Lilith attempting to coax our dear girl into the responsible trait with a round of homework applause. Don’t ask me how, but she’s already got the Good Manners trait locked in. She’s been rude to at least half the neighborhood and she’s never once set the table, but I suppose I mustn’t complain.


Help from the well? Nope. Not today. Better luck next time.


Poor Aidan. He’s having a go at eating plasma fruit salad. His fangs haven’t come in yet, so it makes him violently ill, but he wants to get on his father’s good side, so he tries.


Oh, do pardon me. Once. She did set the table exactly once.


She spent Sunday afternoon seeking out the few people who don’t find her completely obnoxious and making them into good friends.


She even managed to make a new friend or two.


Caleb and Jana decided to seize the day and actually get married. You can see he’d got tired of people comparing him to Paolo Rocca, so he’s changed his hair. Please mention it next time you see him or he’ll be morose and we’ll all hear about it.


He does love shiny things, bless him.


Not to be outdone, my immortal beloved and I finally tied our own knot. I’m a very lucky lady.

Things after that happened fast and furious:


At 6:09 a.m. Monday, Tati maxed the video gaming skill.


At 6:55 a.m. the well granted her that elusive final promotion.


You can see it came as a great shock to her and all the rest of us. We didn’t even have a cake baked.


That puff of smoke is Tati leaving for school. If she’d been just slightly less responsible she could have blown out her candles and moved straight out that morning, but we were just a hair too late with the cake and she was out the door, not to return until 3.


Caleb, at least, was grateful for the delay. It gave him time to resist drinking deeply for one day more and complete his Good Vampire aspiration. Congratulations to him, I suppose.


The school day did eventually end, and Tati ransacked our garden for all it was worth. . .


Made some last minute tweaks to her museum exhibit . . .


And bid farewell to her childhood.

The narrative from here on belongs to her, and if you’ll kindly unblock her e-mail address, I’ll make sure you continue to receive it. I was at work and thus didn’t get to bid my darling good-bye, but she’s promised to write. I miss her exasperating smirk already. Love to you, my darling dears, and a thousand kisses each,





Here you see a barren patch of grass. You may recognize it, as it’s the lot right next door to yours. This letter-writing scheme of yours is nonsense, but I’ve got to level writing for work, and this counts as much as anything else, so I’m going along with it. For now.


This is Brent. He’s a twit (I’ll explain later), but he’s rich and has a cute husband and an unbelievably adorable dog, so I moved him in.


Then I built us a house, which was convenient, as if I’d been forced to stand out in the sun any longer our branch of the dynasty could have come to a sudden, crispy end.


Here’s my study. I’ve joined the Social Media career. They were generous enough to offer me a performance boost if I attended Geekcon, which I obviously couldn’t do without dying, so I spent most of my first few hours in the new place cramming Vampire Lore. You need level 11 to make Sunlight Resistance Cocktails. Let me tell you, that was a grind, and I know grinds!


Hilarious stuff. Absolutely riveting.


FINALLY, the sun went down, and I could invite over my prospective mate.


I gently encouraged him to quit his job.


And somewhat more forcefully ordered him to fall in love with me.

Fortunately, he’s pretty easily influenced.

Okay, that’s all the news you get for now, as I’ve got several volumes of vampire lore to get through if I ever want to get promoted. Give Mummy Lilith a kiss for me and tell Aidan not to worry, life gets much better once you’ve moved out.



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