Goodnight, Week 4, Part 2

Hullo again Mum,

Back to the riveting news of the week:


Nothing to see here, just a couple of amorous bats.


So . . . .I’m kicking Uncle Caleb out of the club. Mr. Good Vampire not only distracted my painter from his duties, he drained him dry and then, THEN restored his life spirit, which meant I couldn’t turn him for, like, a whole day until the buff wore off. He’s sabotaging me, Mum. He’s gone.


He also took a mud bath in my private master bathroom. If that’s not worth a garlic sandwich, I don’t know what is. He clearly doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.


P.S. I’m pregnant.


Can you lock him in the basement or something? Gently ask that he hibernate?


Oh, right. So back to my twit. He’s got some sort of weird amnesia. Once I moved him in, he forgot that he knew me. He didn’t seem to know his dog, either. I thought for a minute he’d also somehow forgotten how to use a bed, but it turns out he just has a problem sleeping with strangers, and his husband, Brant, falls into the category of “stranger.”


Oh, excuse me, “acquaintance.”  So that’s lame. I thought I was getting this cute married couple and it turns out they don’t even know each other and I have to waste all this time getting them back together.


At least they brought Rosie. She’s the best thing ever. That’s Johnny after a makeover. I turned him into a hippie. Isn’t he adorable?


Cramming that Vampire Lore. It’s easier with a cute puppy nearby.


Crammity cram cram.


Aaaaaand . . .. done. Two hours after Geekcon ended. No starting bonus and no daily task done. Oh, well. Got promoted anyway, didn’t I? That’s what the wishing well’s for.


I went ahead and turned Brant. He seems pretty solid. He hasn’t forgotten my name or anything yet, so he’s got that going for him.


I turned Bjorn Bjergsen, too. He was the only human around at that time of night. Gotta love those polite introductions. He was totally on board with the whole undeath thing right away.


Fortunately, the Heckings are super compatible, so getting them back together didn’t take too much nudging. I also decided at this point that it would probably be better not to turn Brent after all because he’s the painter and if he’s still human he can get reward traits. I’m still mad at Uncle Caleb, though.


Our new well likes me. So far.


Wolfgang’s still kind of mad at me for choosing Johnny over him, but he let me turn him anyway.


Rosie’s in heat. She’s so cute, I can’t even. We should probably get her fixed, but who has time to go to the vet? Plus, those little hearts look adorable swirling around her head like that. Sweet  little lovelorn puppers!


Lol. I just love the look on Brent’s face. That’s the garden, by the way. It’s going fine, and Brant’s the gardener. I didn’t get quite everything when I harvested stuff from your place, (no cowplant berry, for instance) so he’s got to be able to graft. I told him once he hits level 5, though, I’ll buy him vet treat crafting table so we can make stuff for Rosie. He’s a really good sport and he’s way smarter than Brent, so I want to keep him happy.


Here I am getting pretty cheesed off about all the mistakes you made raising me. I’m doing the Public Relations branch of the Social Media career because of the five-day work week, and it turns out after it splits the skills I need are Writing and Charisma  . . . .not Videogaming. So I should have been writing that whole time and producing books for museum items instead of playing stupid BlicBloc and ripping posters off of electrical boxes in the city. But hey, I’m the reigning world champion in The R.E.F.U.G.E., so at least a lot of dudes in their moms’ basements are way impressed with me.


Maaike’s still a good mate, so she became progeny number 4.


And Bjorn’s daughter, Sofia, became number 5. Now she and her Dad will have something to talk about.


If she ever agrees to speak with him again after seeing his dark form. I’m not sure I will.


This picture is pretty much the entire reason I wanted the Heckings to move in. They’re SO CUTE. They’re, like, the cutest people and dog that have ever lived.


Johnny’s right up there, though, especially when he’s upgrading things.


Whoops! Time to give birth!

Catch you next time,


P.S. Ugh. Fine. I’m not a monster. It’s a girl and her name is Tracy. How does it feel to be a grandma, Grandma?

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