Ponsonby, Week 3, Part 3

Dear Mum,

Things have calmed a bit, so I wanted to fill you in on the rest of our week:


It was a rough beginning for our restaurant, but Sergio cheered me up after we finally gave up waiting and went home by proposing.


Of course I said yes. There’s that deer in headlights look from him again. No regrets!


Next shift we bypassed our hostess problem by opening the restaurant from home and then traveling over. Still no hostess, but two tables of customers had magically seated themselves so we did actually get a few plates served. It’s a workaround, but I’m afraid it would take us just ages to work our way up to five stars this way, so we had to try and come up with something else.


Ugh. It’s so pretty. It had such potential! I’m really going to miss that place.


We sold it. The second we did, a hostess showed up for the new owners with no trouble at all. A mystery for the ages. No time for us to ponder it ourselves, though, as it was time for me to go to work.


I waddled the long way down the pier at Magnolia Promenade and made myself late, hang it all, but I got promoted anyway. The career, at least, is coming along fine.

Things get rather messy and undignified from here on out, so prepare yourself, please.


Speaking of messy and undignified, tell Domi if she drips paint on my floor again I’ll come back over to yours and smash her dollhouse myself. I’ll also thank her to stop making that face at me when I teach her about responsibility. It’s an amazingly useful bonus trait and she should be grateful I’m taking the time to help her get it.
Do tell Advik thanks for mentoring Joaquin. He’s such a help!


Restaurant attempt #2: A cozy tearoom. I didn’t spend much time or effort building it as I didn’t want to get too invested, and it’s a good thing . . .


as you can see our invisible hostess problems followed us to the new lot.

Brace yourself, this is the part where desperate times called for desperate measures:


I’ve got no hair and no pants, but do you know what I have got? A host! On this lot we placed nothing but the barest essentials: a few tables and chairs and stations for the chef, waiter, and that marvelous fellow in the tuxedo.


We ran The Roadstead (we didn’t even bother changing the name) on a bare patch of grass for a few hours, until the lady on the right began to smoke in the sun and we realized we’d have to build a ceiling before she burnt to death right before our eyes (which was sure to make for a bad review).


We were feeling a bit cheeky, so based the sparse design on the “Double Deuce” from the Patrick Swayze film, Roadhouse. We still don’t know what caused our horrid hostess glitch, so we’re building very slowly and cautiously. It’s not much to look at, I’m afraid, but at least it’s no longer deadly.


Here we are in the dismal bathroom. Fortunately, my fiancé still fancies me even without custom content.


Would you like to try the special? I’m still a bit punch-drunk from all the stress. I did get some temporary hair, though!


Huzzah for another promotion! (and do tell your chum, Eve, that I’m sorry about her hair and her husband’s skin tone. (Felix still looks perfect, of course, that rat!) I’m sure they can be put right soon enough, but they all looked quite uncomfortable at dinner, and I don’t think it was the lack of pleasing decor. At least not completely.


We returned home and panic set in!


And just after midnight . . . Aki arrived. I had just a few moments for a cuddle before we had to make the switch. It’s been a deliriously difficult week, Mum, but please don’t worry. I’m beyond happy. I have a darling baby, a loving husband, and a fully-staffed restaurant. It can only get easier from here, right? Right? Don’t remind me about toddlers. I don’t want to hear it.

With Love,


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