A Few Notes on Building

I’ve had a couple of questions and requests regarding the builds I’ve been using in my dynasty, so I thought I’d take a pause here and talk about them a little bit.

For this challenge we’re allowed to download builds from the gallery that have the hashtag “carlsguiderdc” and I took full advantage of that for my first generation.

The Ponsonby’s used the “Red N Black Starter” by Playalot. I liked the sort of mid century modern style (and I’m trying to stick with it through the rest of the houses in the neighborhood so everything looks cohesive) and I found it very easy to expand and add onto as the household (and household finances) grew. Here’s a quick comparison of the house when I first placed it and when Loelia’s requirements were finished:


I really liked the interesting roofline, and I always struggle with roofing in my own builds, so I did my best to preserve the look as the house grew.

The Goodnight family used the Spooky Starter by Shewolf13. Again, I loved the dramatic roofline and I wanted to preserve its curb appeal, so I tried to keep the same look while just making the house larger:


I also added a bunch of vampire-y stuff because I got the Vatores’ furniture when I moved them in and because the pack was quite new when I was playing this portion of the file and I wanted to try everything out. I can’t remember now why I changed the roofing on the porch portion, and I’m sorry I did as I really like the fancy star shape in the original.

Here’s a comparison of the first floor:


For reference, the bathroom is pretty much exactly the same, I just expanded things around it. The house got wider to accommodate the stairs down to the vital-for-vampires basement and I tried to keep it symmetrical by extending the other side along with it.

I really liked the rounded front porch, so I echoed it on the back of the house with the porch I created to house the wishing well (safely out of the sun) and massage table.

Here are a couple of interior shots:


Lilith’s masterpieces are scattered around kind of haphazardly, and I’m very embarrassed about the curtain that doesn’t line up with the window. Oops!SpookyKitchen


Poor Aidan doesn’t get much attention in the story, but here he is enjoying the dining room. Around the corner is a little nook with a dresser tucked into it because I love nooks!

Here’s the second floor:


The plan is very much the same, I just added a nice big bathroom and an organ nook (yay nooks!). I went for symmetry on the first floor, but asymmetry on the second floor to make the house look interesting from the sides and the top. There’s also a back balcony where Lilith painted and others did yoga. Here’s a side view of that:


And here’s the whole back of the house:


I added a third floor when the babies were born, and I like the sort of spooky tower element it gave to the house. It was also practical because I like to keep toddlers confined to a small area with everything they need as much as possible.


I loved how tower-y it looked from the outside, but inside space was a little too tight for taking good screenshots. Fortunately, Tatiana was only a toddler for a few days and Aidan got good at climbing stairs very quickly.


Here’s a side-view of the house for maximum tower appreciation.

And here’s the basement, just so you get a complete picture of the house. It’s very utilitarian. Just garden and coffins. You know, normal basement stuff. 🙂


I really loved using this house and I hope Shewolf13 likes what I did with it!

Since I gave an overview of the other two houses I thought I’d throw in a couple of shots of the Monepenny/Alien bloodline’s home as well. I built this one myself, and the starter version is on the gallery (it’s flagged as having cc, but it doesn’t). My main concept was to have the floor plan centered around the rocketship as that was pretty much the center of the family’s life. The basketball court was just for fun.


In the back is the museum, which I tried to make as strange and dramatic as a long rectangle can be. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


Speaking of museums, oshizu asked for a better shot of the Ponsonby’s more classic museum build, so here’s that:


It’s kind of fun, and the swanky domed entrance adds some elegance to the otherwise pretty dull rectangle of the main building. The view out the back would be lovely, so it’s kind of a shame there aren’t any windows, but it is a museum, after all, and that wall space is reserved for exhibits!


Honey’s will be the only display enclosed in glass. I’ve placed shelves for the collections of future generations. Here’s hoping there are enough of them and that I don’t change my mind about what I want them to contribute!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have enjoyed this little tour! If you have any questions, please ask away! I love to chat about building.

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