Moneypenny, Week 3, Part 2


And we’re back!


Felix was not excited about achieving an A in school. Poor lamb. Look at that pout!


Nothing a quick trip into space can’t cure.


Still a teenager, even in alien form. He did of fair job of ransacking the home planet for museum items and valuable treasures to take with him when he leaves the nest.


Rhonda continued to show off.


No one gives a pep talk like Jillian. No one.


I did attempt to nudge her in the direction of Bronson Vo, Loelia dear, but I’m afraid there were no sparks. She’s neat and he’s a slob, so it just would never have worked. Shame. The girl deserves a life of her own. We’ll see if we can’t work something out.


It think it was the eleventh or twelfth discovery of an alien in disguise that drove her a bit over the edge. Naturally, she picked that trash can right up after she kicked it over, and cleaned up the mess, but I’ve never seen her like that before. It was a little frightening. Yes, I think we’ll definitely need to figure something out.


It turns out Addison Su has played enough games of chess during our club gatherings to raise his skill high enough to mentor Felix in logic. That was certainly lucky. He maxed it lightning-fast after that.


Corey rendered himself obsolete by completing his last required masterpiece portrait.


And here you see the historic hip bump that pushed me over the top to 4,000 satisfaction points, enabling me to buy my last required reward trait. Huzzah! Now that I no longer need to eat, sleep, bathe, or go to the loo I can devote myself to my real passion:  worrying over my career.

Astronaut seemed to make a great deal of sense when I initially chose it, but I was only level 6 when this week began, and had a dismal three work days to try and raise that number. I never dreamed we’d get as close to finishing by week’s end as we did, but when Thursday rolled around and Felix had nearly everything complete I realized I needed to start taking drastic measures.


Appropriately enough, I arrived at the Lost Garden of Healing in the middle of a bush.


I was sick with worry after all of your bad experiences, Mary, but this well doesn’t seem to suffer from the same cantankerousness as yours does, and it gave me a guaranteed promotion after next shift.


I am not kissing the ground with relief and gratitude. Those are push-ups.


I returned home to this scandalous scene. *sigh* Rhonda. SMH, as the kids are fond of saying.


Promotion received as promised, but that was Friday, and that was Level 8. Felix had nothing left to complete on his end other than one more promotion, a level or two in Handiness, and the Friends and Enemies bit. It was all down to Mummy and the well at that point.


Secure in the knowledge that his mother was the only thing holding him back, Felix set about making good friends with our newest club member.


They got quite friendly, indeed. About as friendly as a teen and adult can get, I daresay.


The Spice Festival rolled into town, and was a nice way to kill a few hours and gather a few more harvestables.


Then mother and son set off to throw money down a hole together.


A full promotion for mummy to level 9 astronaut.


And a sadly disappointing bonus for her perfect son.


He made enemies with your lovely daughter, Loelia, but he didn’t enjoy it.


She lost the fight, but I have to say how much I admire her spunk. She stretched and yawned immediately afterward to show how bored she was with the whole ordeal. Felix was crushed.


He rebounded quickly, however, and Captain Smugface got his next promotion all on his own in spite of that stingy wishing well.


Another pilgrimage netted me a guaranteed promotion after my next shift . . . Monday.

I’ll leave to you to wonder breathlessly about what happened next, my dears, and whether my progeny managed to beat yours out the door. All shall be revealed in time.



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