Moneypenny, Week 3, Part 1


Hello, hello!

EW3P1 I have most excellent news. The fates have heard the cries of a doting mother and saw fit to bestow on us a new alien citizen this week. Her name is Arielle and she doesn’t give me even a hint of the willies!


Felix played it cool, naturally, but I could tell he was as happy as I to meet our new compatriot. Corey looks rather intrigued as well, but of course that’s only paternal interest.


Rhonda did not play it cool, but rather engaged in some rather vulgar synchronized basketball antics with another club member. It won’t work, sweetie. You’ve been deposed.


Mr. Handsome struck out handsomely for his job as a handsome manual laborer. Just look at that focused aura! He’s a wonder. A handsome one.


I gained the ability to practice fight. I exercised this ability. It’s marvelously bracing. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I may or may not have practiced on Rhonda.


This is her everyday wear. A girl after my own heart. Her shoes even match.


A promotion shot with accompanying self-satisfied sneer. No need to pat yourself on the back, dear, there’s a houseful of women aching to do it for you.


Rhonda feigns shock at finding Felix upgrading objects in the bathroom when she enters to take a shower. Desperation doesn’t become you, dear.


The gladiatorial games continue unabated. Cory has managed to avoid the lions for another day. Godspeed, my love!


The boy takes the rocket-ship for its maiden voyage. I built the blasted thing almost single-handedly, yet he’s the one to enjoy the wonders of space flight. Ah, well. Nothing is too good for my baby.


I cornered Matthew here and bombarded him with jokes to raise my comedy skill. I needed another skill at level 5 to get the points from Renaissance Sim and comedy happened to be closest. Didn’t you know I’m hilarious? Well, I am.


I didn’t see much of Caleb, Paolo, or even Geoffrey this week, but nevertheless the neighborhood provided adequate entertainment. Look at these two snooty ships passing in the night. If they’d only turn their heads they’d see happiness lies right down the end of their noses. A match made in heaven! 


Jillian continues to be a treasure. Neat, active, and family-oriented. She gets everything done in the house before I even think to try. She’s also level 5 gardening now, so she can graft plants. While it will break my heart to lose her, I think I’m going urge Felix to bring her along when he moves out. She’s saved our behinds on so many occasions. I’d feel better knowing she was around to look after him.


Jillian was not without her own accomplishments this week. She received a special achievement for discovering ten aliens in disguise. Shocked herself silly with every last one of them, too.


Corey visited Brindleton Bay to view paintings at a museum and briefly considered adopting this impressively ugly cat (he says it’s a rare breed, and I say mange), but our household runs like a well-oiled machine and I can’t have any creatures climbing in and mucking up the works, not when we’re so close to finishing.


I, too, can make smugly satisfied promotion faces.


Oh! I stand corrected! Our favorite stalker did make his required appearance. I saw you, Caleb dear, even if you were being vampirically speedy! That really was his only cameo this week, though. I feel downright neglected.


We got the same luck you had, Mary, with the school project. It was doubly lucky for us, though, in that this one raised the Handiness skill, which Felix is trying to max, anyway.


Here I am being triumphant about the sack lunch I’ve just packed for Felix. And thus the satisfaction points creep up bit by bit. I don’t think I’d have been quite so satisfied if I’d known Felix was going to leave it to rot in the fridge all week, but what’s done is done. They’re all bound to break their mothers’ hearts in one way or another, aren’t they?


And here you see the prelude to an extremely awkward conversation in which I found it necessary to explain to my husband why I had any need to practice pick-up lines in the bathroom mirror. It’s the points, darling, the points! 4,000 for Hardly Hungry, and I earned every single one!


Cory’s been practicing the Oshizu Technique as well, but got bored of looking at my face after about fifteen portraits, so he whipped this one up as a joke. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you it was deemed a masterpiece.


Fortunately, so was this one, which he created shortly afterward.


And soon thereafter, this alarming piece of architecture appeared in the backyard. It’s one square off-center with the basketball court, which drives me batty, but it does the job, so I grit my teeth and carry on.


It’s possible that this is a picture of me maxing fitness. Hard to say, anymore. There’s so much going on here, and it’s only Tuesday!

Love you all to bits, girls, and I’ll speak to you soon.



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