Goodnight, Week 3, Part 2

Dear Ladies,

So Wednesday was when things started to go a bit sideways for the Goodnights:

Our first thought for Tati’s museum items had been fish, but she doesn’t have sun resistance yet, and it was a full day before we all remembered we could make sunlight resistance cocktails. At that point, Tati was already well into her video gaming skill, and she also declared fish to be “gross” so we took to spending our evenings out and about in San Myshuno so that our girl might collect posters and find people to torment.


Loelia, I believe this fellow is your nanny. He looks like a fascinating bloke. I can’t make heads or tails of his outfit, but somehow he’s pulling it off.


Speaking of Loelia, we caught you singing karaoke! You looked like you were having a delightful time. i would have popped in to say hello but . . .


I was busy at that moment becoming a Grand Master Vampire at last! I even had enough points saved to buy my two level-5 powers (Tamed Thirst and Beyond the Herd, in case you were curious)!


Lilith also managed to get back at Morgan Fyres for being such a snob to our lovely girl last week. She got a highly well-deserved nap.


Maaike Haas is another surprisingly good-natured victim. Tatiana slapped her silly more than once, and their relationship was still in the green by the time she was through. I’m so glad others have got patience for my daughter, because I confess mine wears quite thin after a few rounds of “What’s that Spot?”


I don’t know whom she imagines she’s intimidating here, but whatever gets her head in the game, I suppose.


Wednesday I brought home my final promotion! Level 10 scientist! And to think I thought the career would be the thing holding us all back!

How do you like my menacing pose? I was more than a little full of myself at this point, so couldn’t resist celebrating with a bit of drama. The mad vampire scientist! Will she drink your blood or perform experiments on your DNA? First one, then the other? Run! Hide!


The cowplant and I celebrated with a sparring match. In the end we agreed that she’s the scariest.


Tati stayed out all night starting preposterous rumors and asking the due dates of women who clearly aren’t pregnant. When dawn came she started to smoke and sizzle, but was only a few ticks away from mastering mischief.


So she came home and sent chain letters to everyone she’d ever met. No doubt you’ve received yours. I’m terribly sorry, but she was a girl on a mission.

And mission accomplished!


Poor Aidan. He doesn’t seem to take good care of himself while we’re out, and he got a bit lost in the shuffle of things. I find this picture rather painfully prophetic, because this was the point in the week when things started to really go downhill. We got a bit cocky with my career and Tati’s aspiration both finished so early on, and we began to think we might actually get her moved out before Saturday night! Ah, hubris! You saw us coming.


Every now and then Tati would start to suffer from video game fatigue, so to keep her spirits up and her skills growing we bought a console for the downstairs, and since my own requirements were complete by this point i joined her for a few rounds of MySims Racing.


And then the curse of the well struck again. And eight hours later . . . again.


Tati drowned her sorrows in a Sunlight Reversal Cocktail and hit the city again, seeking more valuable posters.


None had spawned.


Aidan wondered where everyone had gone.


I tried to cheer Tati up by gifting her the posh new computer I’d received as a bonus with my final promotion, but even blinky lights and infinite RAM can’t make up for continued glitchy wishes, so our girl decided to go and take out her frustrations on other people.


Felix happened to be standing outside when she arrived, so that took care of the decision as to whom she’d make her enemy.


Also, I gather you were indisposed at that moment. I do hope everything worked out all right for you, Eve dear, and that they sent you back home in one piece!


Tati sneered her best sneer, but Felix bested her easily in their fight. It pains me deeply to know that our children are enemies, darling, but I suppose it can’t be helped.


Tati traveled to your place, Loelia, and found Honey in the backyard.


She got to “vampire fight” that time, and I know she was rather excited about it. I guess it’s more dramatic, and she says it’s more fun, but I think she might only be saying that because she won.


Unfortunately, she became so angry at that point that she had to seek out somebody to bite. The plus side is, Geoffrey Landgraab happened to be walking by.


The minus side being that she made an unintended enemy that night in addition to your two kids. It would seem the Grim Reaper doesn’t take kindly to eating one’s feelings when the thing you eat is plasma. Either that or he was hoping to pick off our dear Tatiana due to rage death and didn’t like being foiled. Who knows? All I know is that Tatiana’s relationship panel is a veritable sea of red!


At any rate, she used her vampiric entrance power to break back into your home and finish the job with poor Honey, who appeared to be eating a few feelings of her own (thought I imagine Raj’s famous chocolate cake tasted a lot better than Geoffrey Landgraab), and then came home for a nice, hot bath.

I’ve a few more bitter tears to spill about this week, but they’ll have to wait for next time.

Hugs & Kisses,


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