Ponsonby, Week 3, Part 2


All right, I’ve finally got another moment to myself, so back to the dirt!


The awkward pass Mr. Landgraab made at our precious Eve, right in front of her handsome son was, in fact, just first of several he made during that highly uncomfortable lunch service.


Enter Corey! The husband to the rescue, arriving late for lunch, but not too late to defend his wife’s honor, and stake his claim by seating himself at her table.


At which point, enter Nancy Landgraab! The villain’s wife!


The disgraced Mr. Landgraab attempts to save face and prove his marital fidelity by planting an ostentatious and lewd smooch on his purported beloved. The entire dining room, with the possible exception of Mrs. Landgraab, remains disdainfully unconvinced.

While I’m terribly sorry for the drama on your end, Eve, I must say, these little episodes are the reason I absolutely adore running a restaurant. One never knows what kind of stories might unfold right in front of one’s eyes during a simple meal! It’s fascinating. Between Eve and our food critic, we may have to start adding popcorn to the menu! You just keep attracting the weirdos, Eve, and Mary, I’ll save you a spot next to me at the corner table!


The achievements came fast and furious towards week’s end. Honey maxed guitar soon after we returned home from our second 5-star day at the restaurant. She’d already written her four songs, so now all she needs for her aspiration are a few more simoleons to roll in from the one she licensed, and a good mentoring session with a willing member of the household. We’re drawing lots.


I myself maxed charisma not long afterward, and, taking a tip from our demanding restaurant staff, I immediately phoned up my superior to insist I be given a bonus, which I received.


With the accompanying performance boost, I was promoted to CEO (level 9) after my next shift and expect to reach level 10 of my career early next week.


Honey maxed her own position a few hours later. She phoned in a vacation day from school and proceeded to mix drinks as if her life depended upon it.


We moved the bar into her room where all the inspirational objects are, and placed a speaker blaring right into her face so that her music-loving soul could remain contented. Didn’t do much for her perpetual loneliness, I’m afraid, but there will be time for all that next week!


Darling Domino became a darling child. She’s adorable, and quite adventurous, so you’ll no doubt see her traipsing about your neighborhoods on your weeks.


She’s creative like her sister, and has set to work to follow in Honey’s footsteps (though at a much more relaxed pace) with her childhood aspiration.


As for the rest of us, we spent most of our remaining minutes literally waiting for the plants to grow. Raj is good enough with his tools to bang out dining tables now, which bring in a pretty penny, and Advik and Jessica are both accomplished painters, so we’ve seen our bank balance creep ever upward.


Honey maxed mixology at 1:19 a.m. Sunday, at which point I gathered up all of Advik’s priciest masterpieces, sold the meagre offerings of our dragonfruit patch, and headed over to the restaurant to see what could be done to raise its value.


I added a handsome back patio, and a room for children to play alongside it while their parents dine. Also, a rather ridiculous and gauche suit of armor in the main dining room. Raj assures me the customers will adore it. The value when I finished was $80,641.

We’ve accomplished a great deal, and we’ve certainly got our work cut out for us next week. I need one more promotion, Honey needs to mix up a collection of drinks for the museum, which, by the by, also needs to be built. Honey also needs to sort out her friends and enemies (though she and I are already good friends, thank goodness, and it’s possible your two will sort out the enemies bit for her), tie up the loose ends on her aspiration, and have her portrait painted. And I’ve got to pull $20,000 out of somewhere to pour into the restaurant.

It sounds daunting, but I think we can manage to do it in the first couple of days. You’re right, Eve, that Honey hasn’t given a thought to a spouse as of yet, but one step at a time is all we can manage at this breakneck pace! A whirlwind romance was good enough for her parents and it will have to do for her as well. I’ll do as you ask, Eve, and put in a good word for Paolo, but I can’t make any promises about the amorous Mr. Landgraab!

Fainting with exhaustion,


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