Goodnight, Week 2, Part 2

Whew! I’m back! Here’s the rest of the dirt on this week:


Moments of triumph call for a bit of reflection, don’t you think?


Not much time for that, of course. Tatiana maxed her three skills on Thursday around noon, and was ready to leap from her high chair and into childhood.


Mummy Lilith did the honors, as I was at work. A great sadness, indeed, to miss such a big moment!


She set to work making friends immediately, and I do hope you’ll give Corey my thanks, Eve, for humoring her in her endeavors. She does seem to be remarkably charming, I must say. Bob Pancakes clearly needed a shower, but couldn’t resist coming in for a chin wag with my dear girl.


She became besties with Mummy Lilith, naturally. Another tragedy for the working mother!


I did get to chaperone her club gathering later that evening, though. That’s her on the right, post-makeover, chatting with Billie Jang and Elsa Bjergsen.


Here’s our first contender for a museum piece. Lilith really has a way with the brush!


Uncle Caleb, grateful for the break from his handyman responsibilities, became Tati’s adult friend and assisted with improving her conversational skills.


Lucas Munch was not as obliging, I’m afraid. In fact, poor Tati had more than her share of trouble completing her aspiration, I’m sorry to say. For some reason, nearly all of her acquaintances remained, well . . . acquaintances, despite many hours of pleasant conversation, cloudgazing, and quality time. Sometimes the friendships would register after we traveled home, and sometimes the next day, but some never did. She really ought to have completed things much earlier than she did, but we needed to wait for the official go-ahead before aging her up, which set her back at least a day behind your Honey, Loelia. She wasn’t ready for teenhood until Saturday afternoon.


Lilith’s masterpiece portrait of me in my regular form. Marvelous!


I still haven’t managed to best my beloved in a sparring match, but I hope to get there one day! I’m focused now on raising myself to a Grand Master Vampire so I can earn my required powers. I’m learning quickly, but I’ve a great ways to go!


Here we are! There’s her official notice of “Aspiration Achieved.” Nonsensical, really. She wasn’t nearly chummy enough to be friends with that girl she’s cloudgazing with in the picture, but for some reason that was the moment the powers that be chose to register her accomplishments, so we headed home immediately to bake a cake.


Stunning, isn’t she? No surprise, of course, given how much she resembles her Mummy Lilith. I’ve no idea why her hair became black upon aging up when she was a blonde baby and little girl, but she’s told me she finds the dark color “more vampire-y” so she’s keeping it that way.

She’s infiltrating the club The Renegades in this picture, as she’s planning to complete Chief of Mischief. Morgan Fyres initially rejected her application (I don’t like that girl. I think she’s just jealous of poor Tati.) but Max Villarreal had been my darling’s particular friend since they were both children (the day before) and he overruled the decision and let Tatiana join immediately.


We’ll not be having club gatherings at our house again, though, I can tell you that! Those hooligans broke all of our plumbing and then complained about the mess! Honestly!


That’s about all we had time for when the clock struck midnight, although I did spend a few minutes with my invention constructor and managed to produce a cloning machine. Now perhaps we shan’t have to feed Jana to the cowplant quite so often.

Keep your chins up, dears! We’ll soon be handing over the reins and putting our feet up for a good long rest, I can feel it!



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