Ponsonby, Week 2

Well, darlings, we’re in full-on toddler mode here, as I’m sure you are likewise.


I’ve never been more grateful for Mother Geeta than I am this week. I was initially skeptical about her approach to toilet training, especially when she arched her eyebrow and told me she’d had Raj trained before he even left the bassinet, but she’s made a believer out of me. Honey was using the potty on her own fully by Monday morning, and all I did was watch. Thank the heavens for Mothers-in-Law!


Our initial successes with Honey, and my desire to fulfill my promise to give Mother Geeta grandchildren, plural, promoted Raj and I to try for baby once again, with great success!


Mother Geeta painted a masterpiece portrait of me early this week as well.


Originally I was disappointed that I would be immortalized in the family museum smelling a plate of scrambled eggs, but Mother Geeta pointed out that those eggs were prepared by my loving husband, so in a way he’ll be immortalized as well, as will she, being the painter of the portrait. So while it isn’t the most elegant of poses, I’m pleased with its homey symbolism.


Things actually felt a bit slow after the week’s initial excitement, if you can believe that. I need to work on my logic, so I spend a great deal of time at the chess table. Jessica’s taken up yoga, and between the two of them, Raj and Mother Geeta provide little Honey with everything she could possibly want.

Raj Parenting Collage

Raj is a most adorable and affectionate father, if a bit clumsy at times.


There are moments when I wonder if a second pregnancy was the wisest decision I could have made, but I continue to receive regular promotions despite an aching back and near-constant exhaustion.


And, of course, the sight of my darling girl waiting for me when I get home makes everything worthwhile. She’s a dear and a treasure and I can’t wait for you both to meet her.


Now for the sad news. Mother Geeta left us mid-week. She was in the garden painting, a task she deeply loved, second only to caring for Honey, and by all accounts she went peacefully. I’ll miss her very much. She was a rock and a mentor for me, and none of this would have been possible without her.


I gave birth shortly thereafter to another daughter, who we’ve named Domino. (I know if I’d been continuing our little tradition she should have been called Pussy Galore, but I just couldn’t bring myself to saddle a child with that name, so we’ve skipped ahead a bit.)


I was forced to leave for work immediately after giving birth. No time for maternity leave in this race! Raj picked up the slack right away, bless him, and I’m trying to make it up to Domino the best I can.


We spend a great deal of time together, though without exactly interacting. Her bassinet is right next to the mirror where I practice charisma, so she’ll no doubt grow up with many deeply ingrained memories of my speeches regarding savvy investment strategies and “leaning in.” I can only hope the effects will be positive!


Honey maxed the social and imagination skills, in addition to potty, and was prepared for her child birthday by Thursday.


She grew into a lovely young lady with a creative streak a mile long. We hired a nanny to help encourage her, and she progressed at lightning speed.


Domino made some progress of her own and aged into a truly adorable toddler. She may not move as quickly as her sister, but she’s a very happy and cute little lamb.


We realized quite quickly that we’d need a painter to replace Mother Geeta (as if anyone could!), so Jessica invited over a beau she’d managed to acquire way back when we were all obsessed with getting those magic beans. Remember that? It seems like ages ago! Time moves so strangely here. At any rate, she’d managed to get a flirty bean from this fellow, as well as his phone number, and when he came by and immediately started mopping puddles outside we thought we’d found a real catch!


Once we’d moved him in and it was too late, however, we found that his mopping was a complete red herring. He’s wildly mischievous and loathes children!


Nevertheless, he keeps Jessica happy, and his painting is progressing quite well, so perhaps he’ll come to earn his keep despite his inauspicious beginnings!


Barely a day passed before Honey was ready to age up again. She was stuck with a rather unfortunate haircut until I came home from work, and she’s forbidden me from sharing any pictures from those hours, but rest assured, under the ever-watchful eye of her nanny she made some marvelous progress in the guitar skill and Musical Genius aspiration.


Here she is, post-makeover. She looks so much like Raj, but has a bit of me in her as well. I think she’s a truly lovely girl.


We’d agreed to leave the restaurant by the wayside for most of the week in favor of focusing on Honey’s toddler skills, but we re-opened on Saturday, and managed to raise our rating to 3 stars! You’ll note Honey is in the background making drinks. She’s taken a job as a barista and needed to level up her mixology so she’ll be all ready to get promoted next week. She’s also hoping to leave bar drinks as her museum items, although I’ve heard so many horror stories about consumables going missing that I’m hoping we can come up with something else.


So a great deal has happened, and we’ve much to be proud of, but I confess I leave you all a bit anxious at the end of this week. We’ve still got to raise the restaurant’s rating to five stars and keep it there for three days, as well as making enough money to increase its value and also build a museum in the backyard. The dragonfruit plants are thriving, but we’ll need more than a few bumper crops to get us where we need to go.

The one thing that doesn’t worry me is Honey. She’s a wonder and will no doubt finish her requirements long before her bumbling mother! I cannot wait to hand the reins of the dynasty over to her. In the meantime, I am equal parts exhausted and fulfilled, and I continue to find this mad experiment to be a truly worthwhile success.



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