Moneypenny, Week 3, Part 2

  And we’re back! Felix was not excited about achieving an A in school. Poor lamb. Look at that pout! Nothing a quick trip into space can’t cure. Still a teenager, even in alien form. He did of fair job of ransacking the home planet for museum items and valuable treasures to take with him […]

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Moneypenny, Week 3, Part 1

  Hello, hello! I have most excellent news. The fates have heard the cries of a doting mother and saw fit to bestow on us a new alien citizen this week. Her name is Arielle and she doesn’t give me even a hint of the willies! Felix played it cool, naturally, but I could tell […]

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Goodnight, Week 3, Part 3

All right, then. Where did we leave off? Oh yes, a nice hot bath: Next morning she made another attempt with the well, and while she didn’t get another bad result, all she got was a bonus, which didn’t move her performance bar back up one bit. A selfie to commemorate the disappointment. I really […]

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Goodnight, Week 3, Part 2

Dear Ladies, So Wednesday was when things started to go a bit sideways for the Goodnights: Our first thought for Tati’s museum items had been fish, but she doesn’t have sun resistance yet, and it was a full day before we all remembered we could make sunlight resistance cocktails. At that point, Tati was already […]

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Goodnight, Week 3, Part 1

Darlings, We begin this week with a moment of uncharacteristic serenity from my darling girl. She’s as lovely as ever, but I think I have perhaps the teen-iest teenager ever to walk the earth. Even while practicing yoga she has the disapproving pout of one who is just SO over absolutely everything. I’ve had my […]

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Ponsonby, Week 3, Part 2

Ladies, All right, I’ve finally got another moment to myself, so back to the dirt! The awkward pass Mr. Landgraab made at our precious Eve, right in front of her handsome son was, in fact, just first of several he made during that highly uncomfortable lunch service. Enter Corey! The husband to the rescue, arriving […]

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Ponsonby, Week 3, Part 1

Ponsonby, Week 3 Dear Ladies, Well, I know I used to say this all the time back in our old lives, but I loathe Mondays, and as far as our new lives are concerned, Sunday is the new Monday. It’s so disorienting to find oneself up out of bed at midnight with a long list […]

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Moneypenny, Week 2

Greetings from New Sixam, my dearies! Here you see myself and my bouncing baby boy. He quite literally bounces. He’s in constant motion and only pauses briefly to sleep. Corey was promoted. To gladiator, apparently. We’ve had to start locking the club members out of our bedroom. They’re taking a few too many liberties. The […]

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Goodnight, Week 2, Part 2

Whew! I’m back! Here’s the rest of the dirt on this week: Moments of triumph call for a bit of reflection, don’t you think? Not much time for that, of course. Tatiana maxed her three skills on Thursday around noon, and was ready to leap from her high chair and into childhood. Mummy Lilith did […]

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Goodnight, Week 2

Well, I don’t know about the two of you, but I’m having great fun! The children are darlings (Caleb and Jana had a son they’ve called Ethan after no one in particular, but it’s a rather nice name so I’ve let them keep it.), and I get to play with children’s toys and read books […]

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