Chapter 2: Go Time

38 Prepping for work

A: Hey, thanks for helping me get ready for work. Listen, after I gain one more level, what do you say we go upstairs and try for baby?

J: Meck chate!

37 Bob it's go time

Eliza: Bob, it’s go time. Arianna’s finished Friend of the World, bought Connections, and got a job. You. Me. Baby-making. Now.

Bob: Hey, you know me. Just along for the ride.

39 No so sure about this

Arianna: Oh, wow. That was fast. Maybe I should have waited until I had a few more promotions, and we could actually pay the bills. I haven’t even planted carrots yet.

40 So sure about this

Eliza: I have never been so sure about anything in my life.

41 My Boys Can Swim

Arianna: Well, it worked. We’re totally having a nooboo.

J: Woot! My boys can swim!

42 Nooboo Dance


Bob: Did you just call me a-

Eliza: No! The dashes between the o’s make it an elongation of your name, not a naughty word, now celebrate with me!

Bob: Go Team Pancakes!

43 Fertilizing, Taking Names

Arianna: This will be fine. Plants are growing, logic is being leveled, everyone is on board. There is no need to panic, about the bills or anything else. As long as nobody has twins, we’ll be fine. Juuuuuust fine.

44 Surprise Date_Fotor

J: Arianna, my love. I’m sure you’re wondering why I brought you out to this lovely sylvan glade today.

Arianna: Well, no. You said we were going fishing, and I wanted to try and take a cutting from a cherry tree-

J: I will keep you in suspense no longer! I have popped a very important whim, a whim some thought I might never pop, but before I go into that I want to make sure you are feeling flirty. Are you feeling flirty?

A: Yes . . .?

J: Very flirty, even?

A: Now that you mention it, yes.

J: Any negative moodlets hiding buried in there? Morning sickness? Anything like that?

A: Nope, just flirty.

J: Are you sure, because there are no beds to hide in here, and I really don’t want to die today. Would it help to hear some of my poetry? I know how much you like my poems.

45 I know how much you like my poems

A: I’m positive. Please proceed.

J: Okay, then. You asked for it. Arianna Spiffendale, will you make me the happiest, most surprised non-committal man in the world by becoming my wife?

46 Guess what whim I have47 I guess that means yes

J: I guess that means yes.

A: Yes, J. Yes, of course I will.

J: Cool.

A: Yeah.

J: So, you still want to go fishing?

A: Eh. Might as well.

48 And now back to fishing

J: Psst. I’m really happy.

A: *blushes* Me too.

Several Days Later . . .

48.5 Strawberries and Pop

Eliza: That’s right. Eatin’ strawberries. Dancin’ to Pop Music. Takin’ names- Ooooh, holy Moses that hurt!

49 Hi I'm in Labor

Eliza: *huff, puff, pant* Hi! *groan* How’s it going? Are you a gardener?

Gardener: Yes. Are you in labor?

Eliza: Yes. Want to feel the baby?

Gardener: K’

49.5 Want to feel

Gardener: Yeah, he’s really jumping around in there.

Eliza: It’s a she! *huff puff* At least I hope so. Let’s cloudgaze!

Gardener: K’

50 Not uncomfortable at all

Eliza: So -ow, that hurts- we realized that if she has a boy and I have a girl it will *groan* work out perfectly, but *huff huff* if one of us has twins then -aaaaaaaagh- it could be really awkward and so *pants* it would be nice to have a full house so that *groan* we know for sure what will happen *huff puff* . . . you know?

Gardener: Stands to reason.

Eliza: So . . . you’ll move in?

Gardener: Yeah, why not?

Eliza: Good! Because we need to get home, like, now!

51 Simultaneous Labor

Arianna: Elizaaaaaaaa!  Why is there an old man cleaning our kitchen counters?

50.5 Already earning his keep

Eliza: I asked him to move in! Now we won’t have twins, isn’t that great?

52 Just in Time

Arianna:  What do we even know about this guy? Did you even find out his traits?

Eliza: He’s family-oriented! Isn’t that great?

Arianna: And?

Eliza: He . . . probably loves the outdoors! He’s a gardener!

Arianna: Eliza what aren’t you telling me?

Eliza: He doesn’t hate children? Isn’t that . . . great?

Arianna: This is not a good time to mess with me!

Eliza: Okay he’s evil and I didn’t find out until we got home and it’s fine because we can just lock the door to the room with the dollhouse and now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to have a baby right this second!


52.1 Time to Lock the Door Again

*Several Days pass in which babies are babies and skilling and promotions happen unphotogenically*

58 Welcome Morris

Arianna: Hey, welcome to the family, Morris. You and I are going to be together for a very long time.

59 Welcome Betty

Eliza: Welcome to the family, Betty! It’s going to be a wild ride!

60 You can meet you dad when he wakes up

Arianna: You can meet your dad in a few minutes when he wakes up.


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