Goodnight, Week 1


I hesitate to even begin this letter because you won’t believe a word of it! Not one word! I’ll start out slow: I bought a house.


The design is by Shewolf13 and it’s quite intriguing and deliciously dramatic, but after a few seconds of staring at that patchy grass and empty space I grew overwhelmed and went looking for help. And, oh my word, did I find it!


Caleb and Lilith Vatore are a brother and sister duo and a pair of dreamier dreamboats never existed, I can tell you that right now. Fit doesn’t even come close.


We hit it off instantly. All of us. One more than the other, I have to say, but we’ll get there. Juicy bits incoming, I promise!


And then I took the plunge. I asked to be turned, and my new chums were only too happy to oblige. That’s right! I’ve joined the ranks of the undead. But the sexy sort, not the zombie sort! Make no mistake!

The change took a few days, but we made good use of it. Both gorgeous Vatores accompanied me back to my new abode, bringing all of their marvelous, gothic furniture with them. Decorating has been a treat and a half!


Caleb and Lilith are remarkably close, and rather unusually affectionate with one another. I know my brothers and sisters and I never hugged half so much, but I suppose spending eternal life together will do that to you. I guess I’ll find out!

At any rate, that all happened Sunday, and then I had a whole week to settle in while you were getting things going at your place, Mary, and when next Sunday rolled around, POOF! The big change occurred.


It was uncomfortable, to say the least, and I’ve still got some lingering growing pains, but it’s so worth it. I really feel I’ve broken free of the the past and I’m an entirely new person. It’s intoxicating!


Emboldened by my new form, I took the leap and acted on the lusty feelings I’d had simmering all week. I mean, just look at her! How could anyone resist? You’ll perhaps be a bit shocked by my choice of mate. Caleb certainly was. He went off to sulk in the new basement, muttering something about losing his mojo. Surprise or no, Lilith is my eternal love, and we’re both ecstatic.


Lilith was in for her own shock a short while later when I told her the next generation was on the way! Doing things out of order? Mary, really! This is a race, you know! Who has time to stand on ceremony? Or hold actual ceremonies? Please!


Caleb, being the only daywalker among us, set out to bring home some nice, warm sustenance and search for his lost mojo. Do you like his makeover? The beard was my idea. He pouted, but said, “Why not? It’s not as if anybody around her is appreciating my adorable chin dimple! Might as well cover it up!” Pouty little prettyboy. I think it suits him.


At any rate, he struck out with Eva in the romantic department, but did manage to get her inside so I could have a nice snack. I’m drinking for two, you know!

It’s not all mesmerization and romance around here, though. We’ve got our share of grunt work to do, too. Caleb’s working on the garden, I’m having breakthrough after breakthrough for my new scientist career, and my darling Lilith has taken up painting. Well, I suppose it’s fair to say Caleb is meant to be working on the garden. In truth he seems to have an awful lot of time on his hands, enough to spend it sighing and posing tragically on the couch next to me while I’m trying to read up on vampire lore, murmuring things like, “tragic misstep,” and “completely wasted in a basement.”  Tiresome doesn’t begin to describe it. Lilith finds it hilarious. I think I’ll have him take up the violin.


It was such a joy to run into you in the park, dear Mary! You seemed so sad, though. I do hope things are all right at home. I’ll be very anxious until I receive your next letter. Everything seemed so perfect in your adorable new life! I can’t imagine what could have gone wrong!


I’m sure I gave you a good shock taking a bite out of Johnny Zest the way I did right out in the open. I do apologize, but don’t worry! He’s fine! In fact, he’s one of my progeny! I’m in the process of creating an entire vampire family for myself and it’s great fun!


I caught sight of that blue-skinned alien fellow myself this week, Eve, and I have to agree with Mary. Jump on that! He’s darling! Call me nosy, but I went ahead and detected his personality and he seems to be evil. I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t handle.


So on to the bad news: my career. After all the shocking developments so far it will probably come as no surprise that I attempted to close the gap on the race to level 10 by enlisting the help of a magic wishing well. It was an unqualified disaster. Despite my unbelievably generous donations into the gaping maw of nothingness, for every bonus or promotion the cursed thing spit out it came back the next time with performance hits or even full demotions! I’m just sick about the whole thing. I’m doing fantastically at work, everyone says what a genius I am, but because of my forays into the occult I ended the week at level 3, probably just where I’d have been if I’d have gone it alone, only thousands poorer! What rotten luck! I’m afraid I’ll never catch up!


Caleb eventually grew tired of telling his woes to our baby plasma fruit tree and decided to seek out a sympathetic ear elsewhere. He found one in Jana Moya, the gardener at Oasis Springs’ park.

She’s unbelievably patient with him, and I’m so grateful. My brother-in-law is a dear, but he does go on! She’s agreed to move in, officially to help with the garden, but between you and me I think her true best use will be reassuring Caleb that his chin dimple is still visible under his new beard and that his mojo hasn’t gone anywhere.


She’s also the latest addition to my vampire family. One more checked off the list, thank goodness!

Lilith is none too fond of her, but I expect that’s just because she’s creative and is constantly jumping on one of my sweet lady’s easels. We’ll have to find another way to keep her occupied. No doubt Caleb can help with that. If not, there’s always the pipe organ.


Work’s a bit of a grind, but at least there’s plenty to eat.


This precious thing is Yuki, another of my progeny. Isn’t she adorable?


Johnny’s not working out quite as well. To be frank, the boy’s a twit. He turned just down the road and stood out in the sun, sizzling, for ages and ages until Caleb finally ran out and begged him to come inside. We’re going to have to all earn sun resistance as soon as possible, and I think I may have to marry Johnny off to the next generation just to ensure he won’t burn himself to a crisp. Vampire parenting is hard!


Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for: here’s Tatiana! I took a page from your book, Mary, and named her after James’s old flame. I hope it brings her luck!


Here’s the point where Caleb’s desire to regain his mojo turned a bit desperate. Honestly! Standing right out in the open, wafting his vampiric allure at passersby. I had to speak to Jana and beg her to offer him some reassurance. She was very obliging.


So thankfully Caleb’s back on top of the world and my new niece or nephew should arrive within the next few days.


Here’s Tatiana as a toddler. Sassy little thing, isn’t she? I can’t wait to see which of her mummies she favors more!


I was worried at first that Lilith might be a bit intimidating as a parent, but she loves Tati dearly and is absolutely entranced by our little angel.


I’m sorry to say she made a bit of a scene at the Romance Festival, but managed to become a Grand Master Vampire with that fight, so I’m chuffed to bits.

Well, that’ll do it for me for this week, dears. I hope to have better news to report next week regarding my career and that blasted wishing well.

Hugs and Kisses,


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