1 Beginning

Arianna:  Okay, I’m going to deal with that later.

1 Hi There

Arianna:  Um, hi there.

Eliza:  Hi! I’m Eliza! Are you new in town? I’ve never seen you before. I know everybody, so you must be new. I’m so glad to meet you. My husband Bob and I live here and we love it! Such a great town. Super nice people. If you need to know anything, just ask. I am a fount of information. I’m actually kind of surprised to see you here. Most times I have to hunt people down and introduce myself. I’m basically the welcome wagon. Where do you live? Daisy hovel? I haven’t seen any moving vans.

Arianna:  I’m actually over in Newcrest, at Twin Ora-

Eliza:  Oh, of course! That’s why I haven’t seen you! Newcrest is still a little new to me. Twin Oracle Point, did you say? That’s a gorgeous lot, with the view of the water, and that big pflume shooting out. Wow. That’s a dynasty lot, isn’t it? How did you score that one?

Arianna:  Oh, well, I’m doing a dynasty, actually. It’s, um, my ninth, but my first in Newcrest. I’m from Appaloosa Plains, originally.

Eliza:  Ooooh. Isn’t that the town with all the horses? I think I had a pen pal there once.

Arianna:  Yeah, that’s actually why I failed so many dynasties to begin with. The horses kept eating my life fruit seeds. Well, once it was a horse, and two other times it was my dogs. But what can I do? I’m a total animal lover. Well, I used to be. I’m super relieved there aren’t any animals around here.

2 Friends

Eliza:  Eight failed dynasties, huh? You’re pretty brave to start another one.

Arianna:  Well, seven failures. The eighth is still technically in process, but I just couldn’t face it anymore. I needed a fresh start.

Eliza:  Perfect. Let me know if there’s anything at all I can do to help. I love dynasties. I’m such a fangirl!

Arianna:  Well, actually. I need to make a bunch of friends, like, really quickly. So you’re one so far, and thank you for that, but I was hoping you could kind of introduce me around . . .?

Eliza:  Say no more! BOB! Fire up the barbecue! We’ve got a new dynasty girl in town!

3 More Friends

Eliza:  Okay, you chat with Bob, Summer and Alice, and I’ll go hunt down some more folks.

Arianna:  Hi! I’m Arianna. Is that franks and beans? It smells . . . nice.

4 It will be okay Bob

Bob: So, um, I know Eliza can come on a bit strong . . .

Arianna: She’s wonderful! She’s just what I need. Are you . . . okay with this?

Bob: Oh, you know. I’m just along for the ride.

Arianna: Thanks, Bob. Friends?

Bob:  Friends.

5 Married

Arianna: Wow, Eric. You remind me so much of my third husband. Well, my third through sixth husbands. All the same guy! Booker. Boy was he a handsome fellow. He had these eyes like . . Pow!

Eric: I’m married

Arianna: Oh, gosh! Of course! I’m really just looking for friends at the moment, I swear!

Nina: Uh-huh. Sure you are, hot pants.

6 See Ya

Arianna:  Okay, guys, why don’t you go ahead and get settled in. I’ve got to run to the gym.

Eliza:  The gym? Aren’t you exhausted?

Arianna:  Yeah . . . but I’ve got to go . . . meet someone.

Eliza:  You just met, like, fifty people. Who else do you want to meet?

Arianna:  This one in particular has some . . . special skills. He’s a . . . handyman! The house, once it’s built, is going to have a lot of . . . plumbing and stuff, and that’s going to break, so we’re going to need a handyman to . . . see about the pipes . . . and such . . .

Bob: Whatever. As long as there’s a kitchen. Eventually.

7 Is she okay

Arianna: So . . . um . . . hi. My um . . . turnbuckle has a loose  . . .  gasket?

Don: Oh-ho! Sounds like you’re in need of a handyman. Zoe, I want you to do five more minutes at that pace, and then cool down. I’ll be right back. Watch your form! No slouching!

Zoe: (suspicious) Okay, Don. Hurry back.

8 Handyman

Arianna:  How’d I do?

Don: Well, you found me, that’s a good sign. Not super-smooth on the code introduction, but we can work on that. I assume you’ve spent the day acquiring our other assets?

Arianna: Yes! Oh, wow I’m so relieved to have someone to talk to about all this. I mean, I know they hired me because of my dynasty experience, but all this subterfuge is totally new to me.
Eliza was on board from the start, though. Boy, were they right about her! She’s perfect for getting to know the town. She knows everything. Bob’s pretty quiet, but he seems solid and he makes a great hamburger.

Don: Okay, okay! Let’s keep the chatter to a minimum. Zoe’s pretty winded, but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to hear anything. Strictly business until we get back to the lot, yeah?

8.5 Zoe is suspicious

Don:  How’s the build coming? Did you get my specs for my room?

Arianna: Yes! Dark colors, lots of red, comfy bed, and I even got that weird lamp you asked for. It’s . . . strangely alluring.

Don: Good, good. Perfect. How about the subject; have you made contact?

Arianna: No, I was kind of hoping he’d be here, actually. Two birds with one stone and all.

Don: Yeah, no. Haven’t seen him. He’s more of a regular at Builders & Burners. You can try there first thing tomorrow. Okay, you down a sleep replacement while I finish up with Zoe, and then I want you to hit up the clubs, keep making friends. And remember, as far as anyone knows, I’m just your handyman. I am not employed by the agency in any official capacity, and neither are you until you make some connections, so making friends with everyone is key.

Arianna: Okay. Got it. No sleep. Friends. Keep moving.

Don: Actually, you can start with Zoe. She’s an easy target. Very friendly herself. Come on over when you’re freshened up.

9 Even More Friends

Arianna: Angee! So glad I met you, Zoe. Come by the house anytime!

Zoe: Oh my gosh, I totally will, especially now that Don’s living with you. *giggles*

The next morning . . . 

10 Advice Two

Arianna: Don, I need you to answer your phone. I’ve been at the gym all morning. I’m sore. I’m exhausted. The “subject” is nowhere to be found, and even if he was here I’m not feeling terribly alluring right now. I need help.

11 Advice

*Deep breath*
Okay, I’ve got one more gym to hit up, and that will be every single one in the universe until they open up that freeway to Windenburg. CALL ME BACK! You’d better be doing something really important right now.

12 Handyman begins work

13 Handyman is good at his job

14 Target Acquired

Arianna: Okay, boxing, . . .boxing, . . . being nonchalant . . . Oh gosh! There he is!

16 Taking the Bait

Arianna: Oh! Hi! You! . . . there. You there. Could you maybe give me some advice on my . . . left hook? I’m a little pathetic and you look like you know your way around a punching bag.

J: Hi yourself. Yeah, I’ve boxed a few rounds in my time. Why don’t you let me get a good look at what I’m working with?

Arianna: Gosh, you’re so nice, and handsome, too. Do you want to grab a drink after this?

J: Don’t mind if I do.

Later on . . .

Arianna: So, thanks for coming out with me. Let me just get something out of the way right now.

17 First Kiss

J: Wow. Okay. I like the way you operate. Should we go in for a drink or do you have anything else you’d like to take care of?

Arianna: Maybe a few more things. This is going extraordinarily well. I’m actually pretty good at this.

19 Enjoying This

Arianna:  I’m actually enjoying this. Wow, and he is an amazing kisser. Okay now for the big finish.

18 Debonair

Arianna: Now, how about that drink.

20 Good at This

J:  Hmmm?

21 Wanna move in

Arianna: So, basically, I’m doing this dynasty. I need someone to help bring in the next generation, and you have phenomenal genes.

J: Wow, that’s an interesting idea, but-

A:  I know you’re non-committal, and I’m totally willing to work with that. You can quit your job, fish, work-out all day, whatever you want.

J: Neat. I like that, but-

A: And here’s the kicker: you don’t have to marry me. You don’t even have to be my boyfriend. I will never bring it up, and if you get a whim for it, fantastic,-

J: That’s an interesting-

A: -but if not, we’ll just be romantic interests until the end of time, and there will be zero pressure. You just need to live in the house until you die. What do you say?

J: *pees himself*

Gold Medal Date!

22 So humiliated right now

A: So, that’s a good sign, right, Gavin? I mean, he obviously had a great time if he wouldn’t even stop talking to me to go to the bathroom, right? I say we nailed it! Meet you back at the house, J!

23 Nailed it

A: I am so killing this. I am an amazing spy after all, and I didn’t need Don for darn thing!


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