Moneypenny, Week 5, Part 2

Dear Mum, We went back and forth for ages about Tiffany’s aspiration. Really, it should be Whiz Kid, but there’s just no way we can wait for the A grade in school to come in, and the Social Skills boost she’ll get from Social Butterfly will definitely help her out later in life. Plus, we […]

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Moneypenny, Week 5, Part 1

Dear Mum, Look! A monstrosity! I swear the week only gets better from here. Tiffany hit toddlerhood only a few hours into Sunday. She’s full of energy and enthusiasm. I think she got really anxious waiting a whole two weeks for her turn to shine, so she’s exploding into toddlerdom as fast as she can. […]

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Goodnight, Week 5, Part 3

Okay! Back to the uncomfortable smooching! Don’t worry, we only had a few hours left in the week, so you’ll get a bit of a breather after this. Not my Tracy, though! Girl never comes up for air! Avert your eyes, Dad! Sadly, Wolfgang witnessed Tracy getting her fun levels up with Sofia through the […]

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Goodnight, Week 5, Part 2

Mum, Okay, where were we? Brent can’t seem to paint anything other than masterpieces these days. It’s actually really annoying. Our bills are going to be insane. I know you have a TV at your house, Mum. Go watch the kids’ network in your own living room! Or better yet, actually help out with the […]

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Goodnight, Week 5, Part 1

Mum, So, as you’ll perhaps recall, Johnny and I had a baby. She was born with raven black hair like her mother. Which spontaneously changed to blonde when we put her in the wardrobe to change her clothes. Since the same (opposite) thing happened to me when I became a teen I guess we can […]

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Mini-Chapter:  Poll Results

Gizmo brings us all back to reality from Romance Festival reverie with a sharp bark, reminding us that the time has come for the first of Romina’s parties. I try to muster enthusiasm to match hers once we reach home. The time has come. Now we light the candles and blow them out, and time […]

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Chapter 8: Afterthought

Andres’ brother’s rebuff is, of course, the worst thing that could possibly happen to a teenage boy’s fragile ego. So he calls over the best thing that could happen to that ego: a pretty girl. This particular pretty girl is a Gloomy Loner (Andres learns by practicing his powers on her), so isn’t a suitable […]

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Ponsonby, Week 5, Part 2

Dear Mum, We were afraid Joaquin was getting lonely, so we got him a hedgehog. He’s mad about the prickly little thing (even though it bites!) and spends a lot of time watching it and talking to it. He even tells it stories, and swears it understands him. I find the little critter a bit […]

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Chapter 7: Misgivings

The teen years begin for my boys calmly, but with purpose. Myron listens to music while Gizmo supervises. Andres researches vampires as I gently bring forth an ancient knife from a clump of earth. He approaches me tentatively once we’re both finished and tells me he’s learned the address of a person who can get […]

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Ponsonby, Week 5, Part 1

Whew! Mum, I don’t even know what to say about this week. If I could stop a minute to think, I believe we’d be doing . . . okay . . . ? . . . ish . . . but I really just can’t stop. Anyway, here’s Sergio not hating children. Not even a […]

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